Learning how to move correctly is a key step in regaining pain free movement. 
Understanding the “why” of your exercises is a vital step in this process

The aim of our classes and studio sessions is to incorporate the core principles of Pilates within a small and very personalised studio setting.

The smaller class size is designed to facilitate individual learning and allows everyone to progress as they are able.

Pilates will enable you to correct your posture, understand what is correctly meant by 'core' stabilization and allow you to facilitate correct movement patterns for everyday and sporting activities.  

The goals of our classes are:

  • Provide a safe exercise environment for you, whatever your level of fitness, type of injury or ability or whether you are pregnant or returning after your baby.

  • Provide a supportive and encouraging environment with open communication, so you can discuss any of your concerns with us.

  • Studio Pilates sessions will also provide some transition of the class repertoire into a home-based program.

Our Pilates classes focus on:

  • Correct breathing awareness

  • Postural re-education

  • Movement re-education

  • Correct technique of Pilates exercises with appropriate variations depending on need

  • Correct prescription of exercises for your level of experience and endurance

What are the benefits of Pilates?

  • It is a non-impact exercise designed specifically to strengthen and tone core muscles.

  • Pilates focuses on deep muscles of the abdomen and spine, while strengthening and toning, legs. arms, and buttocks.

  • Pilates assists to reshape the body, giving you long, lean muscles without building bulk.

  • Improved strength and flexibility leads to improved balance, stability and posture.

  • Slow movements combined with breath aim to reduce stress and tension.

  • Pilates repertoire combined with movement, education and other physiotherapy techniques can assist you out of the world of chronic pain or injury, and start you on a path of learning how to assist your body to heal itself.

Polestar Pilates

Sarah is trained in and draws from the Polestar Pilates curriculum, which has been designed by a Physiotherapist and Orthopaedic Certified Specialist in the US. The standard Pilates' principles have been expanded upon by adding manual skills, advanced body awareness and principles from motor control theories.

The Polestar method draws on the sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control. It integrates scientific research findings in areas of orthopaedics, sports medicine and movement science. The course takes 18-24 months to complete, with many assistant teaching and self-mastery hours involved in qualification. This makes your Polestar instructor very highly and extensively trained. Practitioners are then eligible for PAA membership. 

Pilates International Training Curriculum

Dana is trained in the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) curriculum, developed by leaders in the Pilates field. All students completing the Certificate in Pilates Matwork, Diploma in Pilates Instruction and Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method are qualified to a high level and have the skills to work in the industry and give Clients the best possible service. PITC qualifications are both nationally and internationally recognised and courses take 18-24 months to complete, with many assisted teaching and self-mastery hours involved. This makes your PITC Pilates instructor very highly and extensively trained. Practitioners are then eligible for PAA membership.