"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body"

Joseph Pilates

Group Classes

Pilates Floor Classes & Boxilates

Mat Pilates uses your own body weight as resistance. Whilst our mat classes are low-impact, they are challenging and a full body workout that assists to strengthen your core, tone the body and increase flexibility.

Boxilates TM combines Mat Pilates and Fitness boxing for a fast paced interval workout.

These classes are paid by your Fitness Mat Class Pass.

Total Body Pilates Mat Class

This is a total body workout with focus on your abdominals and butt. Feel strong and get connected to your core in this 55 min class. This class is paid for from your Pilates Fitness Mat Group Pass or may be paid on a casual basis if places permit.

This class will cater for the Beginner, however it is not suitable for Clients who are injured or recovering from injury. Entry into this class is at the discretion of the Pilates Instructor and you may benefit from Studio Pilates sessions to recover sufficiently to be safe and well enough to get the most benefit from these Floor classes.


A dynamic fusion of Mat Pilates and Fitness Boxing. Boxilates is an interval style workout that marries the functional benefits of Pilates (longer, leaner muscles, increased joint health and mobility) with the high intensity cardio and co-ordination of boxing. Gloves are provided, though you will be required to bring your own pair of glove liners, which you can purchase at your first session. No liners mean no class.

* Please bring a towel and a water bottle to all classes.

Beginners Mat Course

This course is a perfect beginning to progress into the Total Body Pilates Mat class whilst also being suitable for those experiencing or recovering from injury. This is an excellent antenatal or postnatal class.

This class is for anyone who is new to Pilates and is looking to learn the fundamental repertoire. The goal of this class is to teach safe execution of various Pilates exercises and the reason 'why' we perform them in a certain way.

This course is currently run intermittently as a course of 5 weeks. Watch our Facebook page for enrolment dates.

Reformer Classes

If you are looking for long lean muscle and core strength, the Radiant Reformer classes are for you. Radiant Pilates and Physiotherapy offer six state-of-the-art Reformers for small class reformer sessions. 

The Reformer uses springs and pulleys to give you variable resistance to challenge the body’s movement. 

Reformer Pilates has many benefits:

  • Development of long and lean muscle tone.

  • Improved flexibility and posture.

  • Increased core strength and pelvic floor strength.

  • Better body awareness, balance and co-ordination.

Fitness Reformer classes are paid for by your Fitness Reformer Class Pass or your Combo Class pass.

Group Physiotherapy Exercise classes often utilize the Reformers as part of the class structure. These classes are paid as part of a Physio Group Class pass and is paid on a term basis to allow time to learn and strengthen as part of your physiotherapy rehabilitation plan. Reassessment on a 1:1 basis is required every term or earlier if indicated (based on your individual goals and plan).

Fitness Reformer Classes

These are a combination from Beginner through to Advanced Reformer classes, aimed at improving core strength and fitness. It works on core stabilisation, which is a building block to good fitness and movement. These classes will provide a full body workout and allow you to gain both strength and flexibility. Variations will be offered though these classes ARE NOT for those who are injured or recovering from injury - UNLESS they have seen the Physiotherapist prior to booking.

PLEASE NOTE : prior experience is necessary before attending any of the Reformer classes. After your initial session you can book a Studio Pilates session and learn the fundamentals of the equipment in these formats.  Entry into the Reformer class is at the discretion of the instructor, based on their assessment of the individual's understanding and awareness of their own body and competence on the Reformer. In general, a minimum of three studio sessions must be completed before attending a class situation to ensure your own safety and correct exercise execution.